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We provide high quality training on all areas concerning Construction and Property Professionals. No matter if you have a team of Quantity Surveyors who need to get up to speed on the latest NEC 4 contract or a facilities manager who wants to act as a CDM Co-ordinator we have the training course for you.

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One to One Performance Coaching

60 – 90 minute sessions quantity, frequency and duration decided by the client.

The opportunity for individuals to work with a coach to achieve actual improvements for themselves.

The reasons for seeking coaching are many and could include

- Wanting to design your own future
- Building confidence
- Wanting help to reach your goals
- Developing new attitudes or behaviours
- Knowing you're capable of more
- Feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward
- Navigating a difficult transition such as the new normal, or into an established team
- Growing into a new role
- Developing to move up into a new job role

Whatever the reason for seeking coaching, the coach will work with you to identify your goals and reveal your skills, resourcefulness and potential in a series of sessions. Your coach will both support and challenge you.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Preparing Project Teams for IBRs/Assurance Reviews

Once an Earned Value Management System or a Project Control System has been established it is considered good practice to review the system in order to ensure that it is being operated effectively and is compliant with either external or internal standards. The review may form part of a contractual commitment or may be mandated by an internal assurance standard. The project control system reviews can provide confirmation of an early capture of scope, quantifying it in terms of cost and schedule with the structure to manage in a controlled manner during project execution.
A one day course to explain to delegates the concept and operation of Project Control System Reviews including Integrated Baseline Reviews and how they and a project team should prepare for the review. Typically, the course will be run for a project team that will be reviewed and as such, can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the forthcoming review.
Public Course Delegate Rate: £395 plus VAT

Programme Controls Masterclass for Senior Leaders

The Programme Controls Senior Leaders’ workshop provides a brief overview of Programme and Project Control including Control Account Management. In this way, the senior leaders can understand the principles and practices that are being deployed and communicated to their teams. It provides a forum for exploring the barriers and for understanding behaviours need to support successful implementation of Programme and Project Control.
Public Course Delegate Rate: £295 plus VAT

Recognising and managing anxiety

A surprising number of people suffer with anxiety at some point in their life. Often, it is short-term but many people suffer for years. It affects they way that we think and behave and will often result in behaviour being misinterpreted as a little disruptive, or in us believing the person lacks competence in work (when it may just be confidence).
We don’t expect managers to solve the problem. BUT being aware of the symptoms of anxiety allows managers to adopt different strategies when managing people to support the individual better and help reduce the negative effects that anxiety can have on them, their colleagues and their output.
Public Course Delegate Rate: £295 plus VAT

Subcontracting with the Latest NEC4 and JCT

This 1 day course deals with the legal and associated commercial issues involved in Subcontracting including risk and the allocation of risks between the Parties, setting up the Subcontract and common problems that arise all too often.

The course will consider the subject matter in the context of the NEC and JCT Subcontract forms and will make comparisons with previous Subcontract arrangements including Dom/1, Dom/2 and the CECA blue form. This course will most benefit those working for contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

Benefits of this course:

• Gain an understanding of Subcontracts and the relationship with main contracts
• Get to grips with obligations of subcontractors and contractors
• Gain knowledge of payment procedures for subcontractors
• Define financial compensations and how to claim
• Benefit from a post seminar help line
• Understand the vital points in the successful management of time, quality and valuation of subcontracts

Tackling Party, Boundary Wall and On-Site Liability Problems

This recently updated 1 day course covers the problems of boundary disputes, The Party Wall Act, and a range of potential on-site disputes that the design team and building contractor could face.

Temporary Works Co-ordinator

Temporary Works Supervisor

A 1 day course designed to provide delegates with a thorough knowledge of the role of a Temporary Works Supervisor and a sound understanding of the risk management of temporary works.

The Must Know Guide to Construction Contract Principles

This highly interactive 1 day course is delivered by practising barristers and adjudicators who are highly competent knowledge transfer speakers. The course has been designed to meet the needs of foundation and practitioner level delegates, and to give a greater understanding of UK construction contract law. It is aimed at anyone who has a contractual aspect to their job role, and would benefit from a rounded understanding of laws that underpin the majority of contracts in the construction industry.

The course begins by reviewing all the legal principles, including an understanding of the formation of contract, offer and acceptance, rejection and counter offer and acceptance. Delegates will then review the main contract terms and conditions and the impacts that arise from common mistakes. The aspects of contract breach, damages and claims are fully defined, discussed and reviewed leading onto potential problem areas and risk factors to consider.

Benefits of this course:
• Brush up on knowledge of the Construction Act and Supply of Goods and Services Act
• Gain understanding of the rudimentary concepts of Contract
• Recognise legal principles relating to contract terms
• Become conversant in conditions warranties and terms
• Learn how to risk profiles for the different forms
• Realise how subcontract relationships arise
• Grasp the concepts of collateral warranties bonds parent company guarantees
• Spot pitfalls in construction contracts
• Comprehend the issues of damages, liquidated or unliquidated
• Awareness of the dangers and procedures for termination
• Benefit from a post seminar helpline facility

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