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A Winner's Guide to Communication and Negotiation Skills

This 1 day interactive course will appeal to professionals dealing with both simple and complex negotiations and wishing to actively avoid escalation and legal claims. Delegates will learn how to prepare for the unexpected, win from a weak position and create relationships that work despite conflict. They will be given a series of practical tips and techniques and have the chance to perfect their skills, with plenty of practice, in a safe but realistic environment.

This course will appeal to both newer negotiators, who are now beginning to work with contracts, and to more experienced professionals, who are seeking to review and sharpen their skills.

Benefits of this course:
• Understand the various negotiating styles and the key necessary communication skills to deal with each one successfully
• Gain knowledge of the issues within negotiation and communication and learn the techniques that work best to handle them
• Learn the tools and tips needed for negotiation success
• Get to grips with resolving and reversing conflict quickly and cheaply
• Pick up additional techniques and solutions that will save you hours, 1,000s of pounds and a good deal of stress too
Public Course Delegate Rate: £295 plus VAT

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Earned Value Management

This 1-day course is designed to introduce delegates to an effective management practice which integrates scope, cost and schedule measures in order to accurately assess the health of a project. This course will improve your ability to report, interpret and communicate reliable information on the delivery performance of projects; and the process will fulfil the reporting requirements of any stakeholder or customer.

Benefits of this course:

• Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will be able to:
• Define the concepts of earned value
• Select and deploy earned value formulae
• Describe the earned value process
• Explain different levels of system review
Public Course Delegate Rate: £375 plus VAT

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Effective Project Management from Concept through to Close Out

Category: Project Management & Soft Skills
Potential and current Project Managers will be equipped with an armoury of PM knowledge on this 1-day course. A must-have for all Project Managers, this course not only covers principle skills of PM, such as programming, stakeholder management, working structures and project monitoring, but also provides a wealth of key tips to get ahead in PM.

Highly qualified speakers will guide delegates through the course, providing real, anecdotal evidence of what to do to be a successful Project Manager, and what not to do!

Benefits of this course:
• Get to grips with the technical jargon, buzzwords and acronyms in Project Management
• Feel confident engaging with Project Managers and construction professionals
• Understand how to be a dynamic, self-assured Project Management
• Benefit from a post-seminar helpline facility

Public Course Delegate Rate: £375 plus VAT

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Getting More Done In A Day: A Time and Self - Management Course

A One Day Time and Self - Management Course Outline

This one-day course changes the way people work. The average delegate thinks that they are doing, “OK” in handling their large workload and, “Feel swamped because that is how modern work is”. At the end of the course they leave amazed at how much more control they are able to gain over their schedule and how much more productive they can become, simply by applying the 10 Ps of time management. This course sometimes sees grown men weep, as they realise that they could have spent 100’s of hours less at work and still achieved the same result! The course changes people’s work – life balance and the work environment for its participants – Forever.

Benefits of this course - You will:

• Learn the difference between efficiency and effectiveness and what extra productivity results from applying the right one?
• Learn about the 4 Quadrants of time, and exactly, how “Urgent” will be beaten by “Important”, most of the time, to create a happy and much improved work environment
• Finally understand and know the implications of both urgents – Your urgent, and, their urgent
• Identify your main Time Robbers and so win back valuable hours for yourself
• Understand the 10 critical Ps’ of effective time management to reduce your stress levels and bring back a sense of control at work
• Know how to allocate your time to become 35% more effective
• Gain back control of your diary by learning the correct and professional use of the word “NO!”
• Claim back a healthy and manageable work-life balance
Public Course Delegate Rate: £375 plus VAT

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Preparing Persuasive Presentations That Work – A One Day Effective Presentation Skills Course

How to persuade an audience of construction professionals to move and take action –– Outline

This course will take the average presenter from nervous to more confident, humble to powerful, mumbling to being clear, and, rambling to having a defined structure. And, all in one day.

Often, construction executives underestimate their own level of presentation ability. This course draws out the participant’s hidden talents to uncover their natural skill in creating authentic, warm and effective communication that can move a room of cynical construction professionals to think, feel differently, and so, take immediate action.

We focus on the audience and who they are. We work on where they are at the start, and, where YOU wish to have them at the end. This course spells out the best techniques to get them to the place you need them to be.

Benefits of this course - You will;

• Learn the presentation triangle – audience, content and presenter – And what connects these 3 components
• Stop your mumbling, monotonous delivery, and, ums and ahhs too
• Move people in your audience to take action
• Reframe your reluctance, nerves and discomfort at the prospect of speaking in public as EXCITEMENT, overcoming any gap you have in confidence
• Learn to enjoy presenting
• Get better and know how to continue that improvement
• Learn to interact and benefit from the energy your audience brings
• Learn how to deal with interruptions, trouble-makers and the various difficult characters you may run into
• Take away our winning template to construct your killer speech quickly, and, learn it rapidly too

Public Course Delegate Rate: £375 plus VAT

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First Principles of Planning and Scheduling

This is a new Foundation level course. The course will be based around standard Planning and Scheduling techniques and methodologies.

The inclusion of the practical application of techniques, via training exercises, is paramount to delegates gaining an understanding of the basic calculations and results that computer based systems so readily generate. All training exercises will be manual (pen, paper, flip chart etc.) followed by delegate discussion on results. No specific computer based toolsets) will be utilised although examples of available toolsets will be discussed briefly towards the end of the course.

Benefits of this course:
• To appreciate the importance and benefits of a good quality planning process to the overall success of a project.
• To understand the basic principles of Plan and Schedule development.
• To understand the inter-relationship(s) between scope, time, resource requirements and performance as part of an integrated planning approach.
• Consider the impact of ‘Change’ on the Schedule and Resource Requirements/Availability
• Benefit from a post seminar helpline

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