Professional Training for Professional People

One to One Performance Coaching

Courses Overview:

60 90 minute sessions quantity, frequency and duration decided by the client.

The opportunity for individuals to work with a coach to achieve actual improvements for themselves.

The reasons for seeking coaching are many and could include

- Wanting to design your own future
- Building confidence
- Wanting help to reach your goals
- Developing new attitudes or behaviours
- Knowing you're capable of more
- Feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward
- Navigating a difficult transition such as the new normal, or into an established team
- Growing into a new role
- Developing to move up into a new job role

Whatever the reason for seeking coaching, the coach will work with you to identify your goals and reveal your skills, resourcefulness and potential in a series of sessions. Your coach will both support and challenge you.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
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