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Preparing Persuasive Presentations That Work – A One Day Effective Presentation Skills Course

Courses Overview:

How to persuade an audience of construction professionals to move and take action –– Outline

This course will take the average presenter from nervous to more confident, humble to powerful, mumbling to being clear, and, rambling to having a defined structure. And, all in one day.

Often, construction executives underestimate their own level of presentation ability. This course draws out the participant’s hidden talents to uncover their natural skill in creating authentic, warm and effective communication that can move a room of cynical construction professionals to think, feel differently, and so, take immediate action.

We focus on the audience and who they are. We work on where they are at the start, and, where YOU wish to have them at the end. This course spells out the best techniques to get them to the place you need them to be.

Benefits of this course - You will;

• Learn the presentation triangle – audience, content and presenter – And what connects these 3 components
• Stop your mumbling, monotonous delivery, and, ums and ahhs too
• Move people in your audience to take action
• Reframe your reluctance, nerves and discomfort at the prospect of speaking in public as EXCITEMENT, overcoming any gap you have in confidence
• Learn to enjoy presenting
• Get better and know how to continue that improvement
• Learn to interact and benefit from the energy your audience brings
• Learn how to deal with interruptions, trouble-makers and the various difficult characters you may run into
• Take away our winning template to construct your killer speech quickly, and, learn it rapidly too

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Course Duration: 1 Day

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